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Make Your Next Ride Smoother and Better Controlled With Kamiya Springs!

Nothing makes a drive, or race, more enjoyable than trusting that your hardware will perform to the high standard you expect. The faster you move, the more grip, stable steering, and smooth control you will need. This is not always possible when relying on standard automotive parts.

As an essential part of a car’s suspension system, springs play an important role in ensuring the comfort of occupants and enhancing handling. At Kamiya, we strongly believe that investing in quality parts helps retain the value and condition of your vehicle and ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

We offer a customizable service that can deliver car springs of whatever design configuration that is required by our clients. For the most durable and high-performance car spring Thailand car owners need not look any further. Capable of delivering excellent balance and shock absorption, our range is your best option in ensuring good ride control.

Our custom made car spring options are tailored to the different demands of top car brands in the market. We work continuously to improve our designs, with the expectation of delivering added value to our clients. While most cars will leave assembly plants with standard features, it takes a true connoisseur to realize and visualize the types of upgrades that can be made to enhance their driving experience.

It is this spirit of adventure and exploration that motivates our work as we work towards delivering products of the highest quality that will exceed client expectations.

We deal in quality aftermarket car spring products for a wide variety of top-selling vehicle brands and models. Whatever we do not already stock can be fabricated to your detailed specifications. Check out our range of car spring for sale inventory and if you do not find what you need, get in touch for our customer service.

We will make products with quality of highest standard. On – time delivery. Continuous improvement and development to meet customer’s full satisfaction.

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