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Knowing When Coil Springs Need Replacing

With time, all car parts will eventually suffer some wear and tear that calls for repair or replacement. When it comes to a car’s suspension, damage can badly affect alignment and cause worrying sagging, and noise. It can also affect the performance of tires and make control when driving more challenging due to intensified swaying and bouncing movements.

Here are a few strong indicators that it is time to order some new custom coil springs.

Increased Tire Wear

As time goes by, most drivers are able to predict when it is time to replace tires. Driving over the same roads, year after year gives you a good sense of expectation. When coil springs are however damaged, this wear and tear tends to accelerate. You will likely find your tires less able to handle driving over even flat surfaces like tarmacked roads.


As said, sagging is a good indicator your springs are no longer up to the task. You should especially notice this change when loading up the vehicle. Loads that would previously not have as much effect may now cause a significant reduction in clearance. Custom made car springs are your best bet for restoring parts that may no longer be commercially available.

Excessive Bounce

We normally expect our cars to bounce a bit when we hit an unseen pothole or bump. This effect is however amplified when coil springs are worn. The resulting level of swaying can be quite dangerous, making it risky to travel unfamiliar roads.


Noise levels from the undercarriage also tend to play up when running over potholes and bumps. While drivers are accustomed to occasional unfamiliar sounds, these are typically mild. Increased levels of noise that persist could be a good sign that it is time to replace your springs and shocks. For the best custom car springs Thailand car owners should seek a provider able to meet whatever design configuration that is desired.

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